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asherthedog on my daddy is freaking out!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

My dad has too much on his plate…..he is freakin but I don’t think he knows it!!!


asherthedog on the academy awards

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

We miss living on Citrus Avenue tonight. Each year my mommy and I walked the two blocks that she calls “limosine alley”! We loved living only 2 blocks from where every star in Hollywood hopes they are invited to attend.

Boy could we tell you some stories…..if you ever meet my mommy, ask her about the three hummers the last year we lived there.  My mommy loved living in Hollywood and so did my dad.

Hollywood was where I was born and so was Violet. Shasta and Tiger were born in Burbank! Mommy nursed them with bottles until their eyes opened and, believe it or not, the kitties are pretty sweet. We play every day and when people come over, they are often shocked at the way we frolic, fight and play. You know like brothers and sisters.

We are going to finish watching The Oscars and see who wins. We are pulling for Mickey Rourke because my mommy thinks he is great. He is friends with her hairdresser, Guisseppe Franco, and my mommy has seen him a few times and just adores him. She also thinks he needs a haircut?

Love to all of my friends in Hollywood.


asherthedog on Captain Sullenberger

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

You rock! The next time my mommy wants to take me across the country on a plane, I am going to insist you are flying it. You do excellent landings!

We are honored to know that you live on the West Coast and we are very proud of your integrity and professionalism.

Your wife is very pretty and so are your kids.


asherthedog on IT’S RAINING!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

At our house, rain is a sign of happiness!

My mom gets happy because she says the words flow through her brain better when it rains.

My dad gets happy because while they lived in Hollywood, he started to miss the lack of rain.

Outside I can hear the cars as they drive on the wet streets and it sounds exciting to a little dog like me who loves to experience life to the fullest!

It always thrills me when I get to wear my yellow rain coat and splash around in the water. Sometimes I even find a spot in the grass where I can lay down and roll even in the rain.

My mom and I both love the rain….when my mom was a little girl,  she used to skip down Hwy 155  in the Spring rains in Georgia.

Have a great day and know that rain is a blessing from God to keep everything growing and clean.

Asherthedog on let the rain come down!


asherthedog on smile and the world smiles with you

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

keep it simple

smile when all seems totally messed up

give love when you want to hate

smile when the world throws you a curve ball

smile when the coffee is cold

laugh when you make a mistake

laugh when you think you got it wrong

laugh when you don’t know what else to do

most of all,

ask God and all his angels to  help you each day

and every night remember to thank them!!!!