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asherthedog on what happened to the coach collar

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

It was just a few weeks ago that I thought I made it clear that I  would like a Coach dog collar —red with a bone on it.

What happened pops?


asherthedog on hark the herald angels sing

Friday, December 26th, 2008

glory to the new born king

fa la la la la la la la la la la

i know i probably don’t have the words right but what do you expect from a chihuahua who never went to singing school

asherthedog on christmas trees

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

christmas.jpgMy daddy is getting a Christmas tree for our new house on Dutton Ave in the City of Sunshine and Flowers. I am excited and Tigerthecat is happy because he gets to climb the tree and find a place to go to sleep.

My mom loves Christmas –if fact, my mom keeps some Christmas something in the house all year long because she believes that Christmas should be in your house every day you should celebrate the true meaning of Christmas even if it is the 4th of July!

Soon all the boxes in the back yard full of the years of decorations my mother has collected will replace the usual nicknacks and house will be transformed into a Christmas memory in the photo book.

Sleigh Bells Ringing will be playing and we at the WIGHTMAN/PHILLIPS HOUSE will be singing and decorating the tree. If I am lucky my dad will do the new dance that I have been coming up for him –the title is REINDEER SHUFFLE. It would be a good idea if he began to polish his dancing shoes if he wants to do it really great.

Asherthedog wants all you out there to remember to DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY AND MAKE IT A WHITE CHRISTMAS even if you live in California.

May Peace surround your family this Christmas.

May love surround you and all those you love this Christmas and may the New Year be filled with more new dreams that you can imagine.

In the end

dreams are

all that are real

never forget to dream