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asherthedog on my dad’s brain

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

orogranderedwoods-058.JPGMy dad took the Series 7 test today. He made 85 on it. He is very smart and loves to study.  I wish he could walk and study but he can barely walk straight cause his brain is on overdrive and he is processing all that he is taking in when he finally grabs my leash and takes me out…..when he gets back he feels a little better but the truth is HE NEVER TAKES ME ON THE LONG WALK THAT I LOVE—TAKES TOO MUCH TIME OUT OF HIS STUDY…..

My mom spends a lot fo time trying to convince hin that he is a winner and will never fail the test… mom believes in  BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE so that means we have to do the best we can at our house or we will hear her trying to get us to see a more positive light…..even me the little dog who loves riding in the car and seeing the sights…..

My dad rocks!!!


the photo my mom took in idaho

asherthedog on the family is home

Monday, August 4th, 2008

It was a very long 10 days without my mom and dad. I thought maybe they left me but my mom kept calling each day saying she would be home soon, I missed her terriblyand would like it if she never leaves me alone again…..I know Aunt Kay did an amazing job loving me but it is just not what i like. I like my mommy and daddy with me all the time!

I feel the safest with them close by!! Aunt Kay let me eat cat food but now that mommy is home I promise I will not eat it and I promise I will come in the first time you call when I am in the back yard chasing and barking at the birds…..

I love my parents very much and I would be lost without them.

They are my everything!!