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asherthedog is the heart they left while touring the city on the bay!

Friday, May 9th, 2008

Today the folks left me in the house with the cats as they got into the red rav4 and headed over the bay bridge to the city on the bay–the one where people leave their hearts. My parents left their heart at home and I was very sad all day. The cats did not need me as all they do is sleep and chase me around. I really wanted to go but I think my mother needed the time to relax cause she is trying to heal.

I just wanted to make it clear that the next time they go to the city across the bay that Asherthetravelingdog wants to go. It makes me happy to go on adventures and to be out of the house just like it is for you. I am your dog and I will not be left alone.

I am not the cat’s dog! I am my mommy and daddy’s dog and I belong with them unless they are going to be away from the car for a long time and it is hot but otherwise I am going to sustain myself just fine in redd, the rav 4. It is my home away from home. I feel very safe there. I feel much safer with you than without you.

Please know that I will be a very good dog and I need to see the city actoss the bay. I don’t want you to leave me at home next time. I want to go so please hear this message very loud and clearly.

If you happen to see Redd go by just know that inside is the sweetest dog in the Bay Area. Not only am I sweet, I am also very loyal.

Today I got Violetthecat in when he excaped! Within a minute, Violet was pinned to the ground and then picked up and placed back in the cat house….that is what it feel like at our house…..Yes they are smart and sweet and love me but the truth is that dogs would prefer a catless world.

May your house be full of dogs and cats and may you keep your litter clean!!


asherthedog on cat patrol

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Yes there is a lot of love going on at our house. The cats are loving all the birds thru the windows in my mommy’s office where she sits and writes for hours. My mommy is writing a book and she sometimes writes about all the animals that come in our yard but the cats are secretly hoping they can make it thru my door when no one is looking.

A few weeks ago all the cats opened the door and went outside so I started barking and told my mommy they had escaped. They were having the time of their lives–they have NEVER been outside for more than a minute and now that they have been out they are really trying hard to find a way to escape again. It is sure to happen when my mommy and daddy look away for more than a second.

My mommy has trained me to do cat patrol and it is my responsibility to round them up when they escape so that is why I went into instant cat patrol mode and warned my mom then pinned each of them to the ground till my mommy picked them up and placed them inside. You may think that being a chihuahua I could not do such great cat patrol but the cats trained me to be good and now they have me asherthedog as their guard dog.

To all my fans I am doing very well now and I have my own back yard that I share with my daddy’s garden

May life present all it’s wonders to you

may the force be with you!!!!!!!!


asherthedog has arrived

Friday, May 2nd, 2008


This is the big blue bird in the back yard. I bark at him when he comes to eat his food. My mommy really loves him and so do the cats!

Yes! I have arrived and so has my daddy, mommy and the cats-violet, tiger and shasta.

It was, to say the least, a rough few months but I think the dog days are over!

My dad did a great job moving us here but he has yet to build me my own cottage style dog house with beadboard walls and a heart over the doorway so everyone will know that inside lives a love dog – that would be me!

All is well here in the Bay Area. I love the crisp cool walks with my daddy and the rides in the car with my mom!

Remember to love a dog!!!