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asherthedog speaks on i miss my daddy

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

This time last week, my family was together in the Bay Area except for the cats. When we got back to Hollywood, it was night time. When  my daddy got up early to trade he could feel the effect of the fires on his allergies and left for the Bay Area because he thought he could run from the smoke….and he wanted to try to trade hard in another place to see how that affected his trading. Although he ran away the smoke is now hovering there in the bay area. smoke travels far.

So here it is another week gone by and he is still there minding the house or, knowing my dad, the house is minding him. He doesn’t like to do much around the house but look at it and enjoy all the hard labors that our mom does to make it a home for us.

My dad really is the greatest but he just does not get that his family needs him to be strong for us —and that our mommy really needs his help. I am sure I told you she had a massive heart attack yet she never stops trying to take care of everyone. I say take care of the animals mommy and pops can learn to take care of things also. You spoiled him –set your boundaries as you would say.

Laziness is not good even for dogs!!

Now let me just say that he does read and read and read and read and read and read but with so much reading, I wonder if his brain even knows what he is reading. I am sure his brain needs a break!

Pops you might be surprised the success you feel after you accomplish things other than reading. Man must take care of himself and have chores…I even have chores—I have to run outside and get  Violet the cat when he runs out.

BTW, Violet got out this am and when Mommy got the organic cat nip, Violet the cat dug into the bag and Mommy brought him home.

Daddy we love you!

We miss you! See you next week…btw, be prepared the cats want to go!! I miss the back yard terribly! Hollywood is not so good after living there daddy….I like it better.

The photo was taken last Sunday on the I-5. My daddy was letting me drive. I was sitting in his lap. My daddy has taken me on so many trips and I love riding with him.

I even have flown across country a few times—I am a traveling dog!


peace and love to all of you in the world

just remember when life gets you down to remember that life is what you make it

keep your hearts open and know that life is the journey!


asherthedog on my mommy

Friday, October 5th, 2007


if you look closely, you can see the lights twinkling

the photo is taken atop twin peaks in san francisco late at night

my mommy is so sweet and she is hurting deeply right now

she knows that she must go deep within herself to be able to finish her book

she must go back and remember just how much she hurt in life so she can be free of anything that is keeping her stuck

my mommy was born to write but she stays stuck because she has never gotten to a place that she can forget the severe torture she endured as a child – she cannot let go of the pain because she is just now to a place that she feels stable enough to bring it up and to feel it and then let it go

if anyone happens to read this please know thet my mommy is hurting today

she must remember the years of torture she experienced and lived through as a kid and she has to know that it was painful and it is okay that it hurts -it is okay to cry –to let the pain out

she also has to know that me asherthelovingmymommy dog loves her and together we can get through anything

love to you mommy

ashertheilovemymommydog is sending you lots of love


Friday, October 5th, 2007

For the last year, my dad has been daytrading.   We (my mom and the cats) have been trying to be positive about it but my mother knows that until my dad finds balance he probably will be having troubles cause balance to her means big money. Trading can have many psychological obstacles if you are holding onto any world pictures as to what success really is.


success is not walking me just because i need a walk

success is walking me cause you love me

remember all you traders out there

go walk a dog and maybe just maybe there will be a reward

also, be careful to see yourself making money not losing it

here i am happy sleeping on my pop’s leg