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asherthedog speaks on life in the bay area

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

It has been quite a while since I have blogged as I have been having lots of fun and not enough down time to let everyone know that I am still in the universe and I am sending love your way

My mom and I spent almost a month in the bay area exploring and going on drives thru the countryside that makes my mommy sing with joy ! SHE REALLY NEVER KNOWS THE WORDS BUT STILL HAS FUN DOING IT!

This  photo of me for you to see as we were driving shows you how happy I AM when my mom and I are in the RAV4.

I am my mother’s traveling companion and, as you can see, I love being with my mom far away from Hollywood.

IMG_0155 (2)

The beauty in Marin County is amazing-amazing people, too!

My mom and I got a massage and my mommy got to hug Jane!

I cannot not tell you who she is –it is a secret and I promised my mom  I would keep it that way–let’s just say this –my mom loves the souls of people –the harder to get to the soul the more my mom is sure she will get there!

My mom got to a hug a woman who would rather live in the woods than surrounded by the greed of developers

Her friends wondered how she could do it –the woman smelled they said –my mom replied "I didn’t smell anything I was just grateful she reached out to hug me". that is why my dad and I are so lucky–our mom loves so sweetly and completely and does not care what others think! In fact, I will let you in on a big secret–my mother who is loving beyond belief wonders how all those Marin County people who are supposed to be involved in the healing movement there can send such negative thoughts to our president. My mommy gets upset to hear that people say the things they do–she thinks most healers have lost their goal–to spread love!

Today she is resting and I am using her brand new lenova—thinkpad

I think it is great –windows now has a program that assists in blogs so you know I am very happy about that

peace and love to all you folks out there who send me love

I am asherthedog checking in so you know there is someone who cares