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asherthedog rides again

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

yes we have been on the road again

my mom loves the bay area–she loves being in the house there and working in the garden

 each time she finds things she never saw before

last time she found a stalk coming out of the center of a huge clump of bulbs–you would have thought she had found a gold mine

my mom gets excited over the little things like flowers growing

that is why i love her

we are going back to the bay area tomorrow–two people are riding with us and i can’t wait to get to san leandro so i can run and play in the yard

there is so much that needs to be done there

my mom is on overload

my dad checks out way too much and leaves it all for her to do –my mom had a heart attack and needs people to help her not help everyone else

she loves animals and she loves the cats and most of all she loves me

so tomorrow you may see us on the I -5 on the way to the bay area and know that we are happy

and we hope you are

life is all about finding a little happiness every day in every way

my mom does that and she gets so many rewards they are hard to list

her biggest rewards are my dad, me, violet, shasta and tiger the cats

may love surround all of you

as it does us

we are sending love to all those in life who feel alone and like they have no purpose

life is good

remember that