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asherthedog on the road again

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged but it is important for you to know that my life is very busy. First of all, my family is nuts!

What do I mean by that? They have too many things to do and it gives them less time with me –their number one dog!

 Asherthedog is very sensitive and does not like to feel the energy of people who have too much to do because that means they can not relax and be with me.

Too much to do

no time to do it all

Humans spend a lot of time rushing around doing nothing….they should take it from the dogs resting and doing nothing is all good!!

My mom and I went to the Bay Area and back since we last wrote so I am just checking in to let everyone know that Asherthelove dog is sending you love wherever you and whatever you may be doing in  your life we wish you success in your dreams

Secondly, Remember that you create your world no one else does!!

Choose to  be who you are and do it well!!

Do not blame others for your own stupidity –that just shows how stupid you are!!