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Asherthedog speaks on getting older

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

It is almost my 7th birthday — June 30.

 that means i am 49 years old people years — i can already feel it

 when we walk, my mommy has taught me that i should always stretch

sometimes i notice it is even hard to stretch

i have such a great life — I am the luckiest little dog in the entire world.

How much better could it be?
I live in Hollywood, we have a house in the Bay Area with a back yard full of apple, orange and lemon trees. Hydrangeas blooming everywhere. Flowers everywhere.

 We have great times in the Bay Area cause my mommy loves to go to Bolinas and hang at the beach. One of her friend thinks that I have a big mouth at the beach and you could tell that my natural “protect my mommy” bark annoyed her….i thought people in marin were supposed to be like a leaf in the wind  — a little more zen

 oh well, maybe the rat race now has made it to bolinas

 all is well here in hollywoodland today

we will be going to be bay area in the am so i can romp and play and not wear a leash


so all you folks out there – and doggies, too –remember to stretch so your body can get around easier

excercise your blues away


asherthedog on i miss my daddy

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

it is me, asherthedog, checking in from the bay area

i am missing my daddy very much. I also miss the kitties. I want to come home daddy. Are you missing me as much as I miss you?

Are the cats looking for me wondering if mom has moved away? Please come soon to rescue me and take me back to Hollywoood. It is boring in this pop stand.  It has been a long 2 weeks and I want to come home. Sleeping is not the same without you in the bed. I miss the way you smell and I really miss how you put me on my back and love me.

Mommy really misses you too. She may not tell you that cause she is always so busy but late at night I can  hear her missing you.

She loves you and me so much,

we are lucky to have a mommy that cares so much for us, aren’t we?

Where would any of us be without her?

maybe we can go to where mommy and i went last weekend and see the beauty of the little town in marin county

gotta go pops

i love you very much and am looking forward to seeing you soon

oh pops, did  you forget us last weekend??