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asherthedog speaks on lola, the sweet little girl at dr khalsa’s

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Today my mommy and daddy took me with them to the chiropractor’s office. When Dr Khalsa turned MY POWER ON on it felt so good. When he touches me, I always feel better.

After we had our adjustment, we went back into the waiting room where I saw the cutest little girl. Her name was Lola. I wanted to give her a big kiss but I sensed she needed her space. I believe Lola had a bad experience with a dog and I want to let her know that all dogs do not jump on little girls. I just wanted to give her a big kiss. It makes me sad to know that a dog hurt her but I hope the next time she sees me she will let me know that I helped her like dogs again.

It made me happy to know that she made my mommy happy by giving a piece of art for our refrigerator. My mommy loves it and has already put it on the fridge. It is now a treasure for my mommy to love forever. I know my mommy will never forget Lola. She touched her heart.

I hope I see you again Lola at Dr Khalsa’s office. It was nice meeting you.


asherthedog speaks on thank God the rescue found a new mom

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Let me tell you

It has been a rough month for me — i cried every day because my mom gave so much to love to the rescue. I have to admit the rescuedog, tepi (el tepeyac  –the mountain top) was really cute and we had fun playing — the cats loved it cause they were not being chased but the turth is that i was really worried that we were going to add her to our family. My mom kept saying “asher you are my number one dog and tepi is the rescue” but all i could see was that she was a lot closer to my mom that i really liked. Tepi taught me that my mommy is mine and i don’t want to share her with another dog! It is easy to tolerate the cats –gatos  –but a dog —FORGET IT

anyway my mom found a perfect mom for tepi

one who would cherish her forever  –tepi’s new mom is named laura and i want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for loving tepi and getting her out of my house

now that she is gone and we all know she is happy with her new mother, I cordially extend my house, su casa, to tepi. You are invited to come anytime you want and you can stay as long as you need to. I accept you as my step-sister and I am really glad  you have another mom.

Tepis new mom loves to snowboard!

thus el tepeyac the dog is perfect for her

to all you dogs out there who need to be rescued, may someone just like my mom find you so you too can have a chance at a loved and happy life

no more tears from me –we are going to the bay area next week just me and my mom so that makes me happy too