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asherthedog speaks on rescues

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Over the week-end while my dad was out of town, my mom and her friend decided to go to my mom’s favorite restaurant—-el tepeyac.

A minature schnauzer scoped out the situation and knew that he could charm her and he would be riding home in the red rav4

yes my mother with her deep need to nuture every soul in the universe that needs a little love…and that dog, God bless her soul, knew exactly what she was getting

she was getting out of east los angeles where minature dogs are used as pit bull bait to train to kill, Yes you heard it right. Disgusting.

she was moving on to hollywood

where dreams are real

and my parents live!

anyway, my mom met a woman named mary ann who has been rescuing dogs for years and my mom wants to help her get more funds to pay for the $6000 board and care facility who takes care of them.

 in a town like los angeles you would think there would be less of a problem –there is enough extra money in la to literally have all dogs living healthy loved lives

 i was mad at my mom and still don’t particularly like that i have to share her with another dog—no matter how cute and sassy she may be

my mom has enough love to help the world and she loves animals more than people

i think it’s how people are so busy they don’t notice what is all around them

most people would have continued eating and forgotten the dog

but not my mom

it is her mission

she has promised me that i will always be number dog

and tepi will always be the family rescue dog


asherthedog speaks on sleeping late

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

when my daddy sleeps late

i am very sad

because my daddy always

gets up early to walk me

but today he is still asleep

i am patiently waiting

to hear him


and saying lets go

come on pops

wake up and walk me


asherthedog speaks on holidays

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

my family loves holidays

bunny day is right around the corner

and i am wishing i could get one of those bunnies

and teach him a thing or two

humans get chocolate

dogs get nothing

don’t let them near the chocolate

is all that i hear

this is a good week to welcome spring

count your blessings

figure out who has the best chocolate

hide the Easter eggs

be happy

and look forward to a few days

of doing nothing

but eating chocolate

asherthechocolateloving dog