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asherthedog on love

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

love is all that is important

love has no agendas

love is as real as the breath you take

love is to be shared

love means saying forgive me

love means saying thank you

love is all that is real

love makes the world go round

love makes people happy

love makes people sad

love lives in the hearts of all dogs and cats

love is like a fountain –it flows freely if you let it

love is like a forest

love is like the snow

love is like the ocean

love is like a river

love is like a stream

love is like the highest mountain ever climbed

love is like the valleys of our soul

love lives in the hearts of those who are not afraid

love lives in the hearts of those that hate

love is everything

love is everywhere

love is all that is important




asherthedog says TGIF

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

our friend, john ryan, died

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

he was quite a man

an actor - a good actor

he was strong and he loved God

more than most

he prayed

and asked God to help

those he knew

it is very sad to feel the loss of such a great man

and comforting to know that he is sitting

next to God

His loss has made a profound statement in my mom’s life

she kept thinking about him

and finally had my dad go to the neighbor who had a key

and ask her to please open the door

when they went inside they found him

and quickly summoned the paramedics

who did a tremendous job to help save his life

but God chose to take him to be with Him

My mom is very sad because she did not act on her first feeling

but she is trying her best to replace that visual of finding him

with the memories of all the talks and laughter they shared.

She knew for sure that He would be sending down blessings from heaven to Citrus Ave….my mom really loved him–she knows that she is a much stronger Christian because of the relationship they shared over 15 years.

peaceout john

and may God’s love always be with you


asherthedog speaks on love

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

love one another

but love yourself the most


asherthedog speaks on rain

Monday, March 19th, 2007

i wish the rain would come so i could wear my yellow raincoat and splash in the water

it never rains in hollywood

it is always hot and muggy and smelly

the truth is hollywood smells because of all the stupid humans

who think it is okay to leave their dog crap for me, asherthedog, to smell

 just remember your karma is gonna get the best of you


asherthedog speaks on the secret

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

the secret is

what you say is what you get

if you see good things coming your way, they will

if you see bad things coming your way, they will

it doesn’t take a human to figure that out

what is it that you want in your life

good things if you want

stress if  you don’t

it is so easy to be a dog and watch humans be soooo stupid

they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

but i say

you can’t teach a human any tricks

cause they won’t listen

asherthedog says listen to what you say

hear what you say

make sure you say what you want

and if you get something you do not want

then think back on your stupid human thinking

and see if you created it just the way you said it would be

don’t be a loser

be a winner

think good thoughts and be happy

a very wise dog says to you



asherthedog speaks on love

Friday, March 16th, 2007

love is the strongest force in the universe

feel it

be it

all is love

as the beatles would say, ALL WE NEED IS LOVE






asherthedog speaks on war

Friday, March 16th, 2007

make love

not war

says asherthedog

resting this weekend

Friday, March 9th, 2007

yes me, asherthedog, needs down time!!

my parents go on trip every week-end –LA to SF–The only good part is when they stop at Harris Ranch and bring bones back to the car with them. I absolutely love it!! and yes it is very fun having them with me without the cats!!


THAT IS WHAT ASHER MEANS i am happy and I know for a fact that I am the happiest dog in Hollywood.

My mom and dad really treat me special –I think I get extra love cause they do not have children to cherish –just me, asherthedog to cherish.

My mom really thinks I am human –she tells me a 100 times a day how much she loves me. She always carries me in her arms amd tucks me in beside her  she pulls me closely and says ‘that’s a good boy asher, i love you”!

i fall asleep feeling loved by my mom and dad

 my dad loves me before sleep sometimes but always says ‘go see your mom’ cause he does not like me close at night cause when i move it bothers him

he is very sensitve and does not like sound. dreaming dogs, and cats that jump  on the bed in the middle of the night. He makes sure the door is closed and the fan is on so he can pretend we do not live in the middle Hollywood –where dreams are built!!

where i say the people are nuts!

this week-end my family, mom and dad, the kitties, violet, tiger and asher will be having a warm and fuzzy week-end alone without the sound of freightliners, macks, peterbuilts and more SUVs and Toyota trucks whizzing by on HWY 5 to SF than you can even imagine.

My dad knows all the different kinds -he can spot them almost a mile away. He even shows us the ones with teeth and some have a cross across their grill.

My dad has a secret desire to drive a truck –my mom thinks he is nuts!! I do not think he could take me with him on a trip and that would make me, ASHERTHEDOG, unhappy.


Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

everything is good in la

it is hottttttt!!!

i was panting on my walk today and noticed how beautiful it was. Living in southern california really rocks for dogs –we are like rock stars!!

we get to go to dog parks —i bet dogs in NY didn’t want to go outside in the weather today but not us  —we are ready to PARTY

everywhere i go i see more poop than i would like to

what is with people

why do they get dogs if they can’t pick up after them

i am little chihuahua and i walk close to the ground - when I pass by a poop pile that is bigger than i am, i want to throw up –it is overwhelming and it smells terrible

come on people lets get the bags out and pick it up

we are in this world together

we need to try to get along

and respect each other

you dirty dog owners

we must unite and love one another


the ruler of hollywood