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love to the world from asherthedog

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

asherthedog here checking in with the world

my mother, addie pearl, chose to live slap dab in the middle of Hollywood and let me tell you the vibration of it all is about to drive me crazy–the helicopters, the people living on the edge of insanity waiting for their star to twinkle–what a joke! My mom is not about any of that –she is about reminding people to stop and feel their vibration. To be still and listen to the moment.

She is all about love!

All about getting people to open their hearts and learning to love themselves

She believes that if you learn to love yourself then maybe you can love others more.

Imagine that loving yourself so you can love others more.

My mom

she rocks—

and so does Hollywood.

make it a great day and remember love is all there is

Hollywood checking in

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Asherthedog checking in from Hollywood. The buzz started days ago –everything is coming up OSCARS!

 I bet you wonder why a dog would want to make some comments on a blog….good question.

 I am on a mission to help my mom. Her name is Addie Pearl and she has a mission to help people learn to open their hearts. That is important to her and it now important to me.

Why she chose to live in Hollywood to do that is way beyond me –there are so many people here trying to get their stars to twinkle yet have no clue how to do that. She believes with every ounce of her being that we are all just energy –you know –a vibration. She believes that if you stop long enough and be quiet you can feel your vibration and it will help achieve great things.

My mother is very sensitive and is the only person on Earth who can hear me and she hears me loud and clearly.

She loves me more than any dog could ever imagine.

She lets me sit with her when she drives and I am her navigator!!!!

Today I want her to let you know that I am here to tell you that love is all that is real  –so open your hearts and learn to listen to the voice within that knows you better than you may know yourself.

Going for a walk now to spread love.